Assisting Churches and Nonprofits to Reach Their Community

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Our Approach to Nonprofit Consultation

Depending on the nature of the project and the client's preferences, we can:

a.      Start with a quick and practical assessment of all aspects of the entire organization, results of which are reported to the Board and key staff. Particular focus is on readiness of the organization for consultation services and change.

b.      Interview key members of the Board and staff to further understand the needs and nature of the organization and to identify the most likely internal change agents.

c.        Work with the client to customize a practical and realistic consultation plan that is well suited to the needs and nature of the organization.

d.      Focus on complete, yet highly practical plans -- plans that can be for all aspects of the organization.

e.       Ensure that the consultation plan includes specific deliverables at key points in the consultation process in order to ensure continued communications and accountability. We also work with the client to build in clear indicators of success for the project.

f.        Conduct frequent, quick and practical evaluations that include feedback from the client in order to ensure that the goals of the consulting contract are being met.

g.       Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with key members of the Board and staff to ensure ongoing focus, accountability and support to implement the plans.

h.       Help the client to organize internal peer learning sessions in which members support and coach each other to implement their portions of the plans.

i.         Recognize when changes are needed to the consultation plan and make those changes in a planned and orderly fashion.